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  Incident Overview  

  Claimant Last Name : Doe

  FROL_ID Number : 1264752

  Site Code : SC - 1

  Employer :
     Your Company
     123 Example Drive
     Anywhere NY 12345
     FEIN : 20 215377

  Injury :
     Date : 03/03/2012
     Report Number : 1 2012
     Accident State : 
     Occur on premises? : No
     Reported by : 
     Nature of injury : Sprain
     Part of body : Not Defined (left side)
Incident Description

Hurt his back

Incident Transmittal History

This incident has not been previously transmitted.

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1 Click on one of the arrow icons in the gray "Incident Summary" section header above to display the "Incident Overview". Review the information for completeness and accuracy.
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3 Click the Next button at the bottom of the form to choose a transmittal action. Choose Transmit to complete the process and send the transmittal package to the Care Center. Choose Report if you want only to create a transmittal package and do not want to send the package to the Care Center.
4 When the process is complete you will return to the incident form. You can then go to "Last Report Generated" to get a copy of the transmittal package.

Incident Transmittal Details

 Customer Number
 Contact Name Test Sender
 Contact Phone 888578140
 Contact Email
 Employee's Employment Status
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 Employee's Weekly Wage
 Employee's Supervisor Name Joe Smith
 Employee's Supervisor Phone 5555555555
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