Lost / Restricted Time Calculator

Using the text boxes to the right, enter the starting and ending dates for the lost or restricted time period.

If you specify both dates then the number of days between the dates will be calculated and stored in the database.

If you do not specify an ending date then the start date will be stored in the database and used to automatically update the period each time the OSHA Log is generated.
Start Date
End Date

Using the selection list to the right, specify whether the information provided is for a lost time period or a restricted time period.

The data fields to the right indicate the calculated number of lost and/or restricted days currently stored in the database. By default these values will be added to the value calculated from the date range specified above. You can modify these values by typing directly in the field.

If you do not wish to include these previously calculated values, check the Replace Values box.
Lost Time Days
Restricted Time Days
Replace Values

Using the selection list to the right, specify whether or not you wish to define another period of lost or restricted time.

If you have specified an open ended time period (no ending date) you will not be able to define another period without re-starting the lost time calculator from the incident form.